As our look travels onto a painted canvas , we are seeking the way to our imaginary.

By this we have to unlock ourselves and not to seek for the translation of title on brush strokes.

I believe that we have to be carried out by our own imagination to the (sic) "multi ways" which guide us , finding ourselves.

Looking and being looked.

In art ,looking for it does not mean anything. But what it matters is to find"

Pablo Picasso

Series Look

Sometimes we catch ourselves daydreaming in front of a painting , with our mind working like a thinking factory , about what we look or we imagine to have looked.

Inside this , the thinking travels ways charged with imagination and remembrances about the past , present and future of our lives.

As we realize , we are in front of a painting with our thinking.

Series Thinking

Drawing with charcoal was a pleasant surprise, for its effects and shadows, it joined the pastels and exprimentei various media, Canson paper, craft, cardboard, paper.

Was instantaneous passion just like painting, I have total freedom of expression and movement, diving at one end of the sheet and the back surface at the other end, when I look I see a new being come from a lot of scratches and stains.

Leaving me with undisguised smile of satisfaction.


The artist

Artist vision :

My work has soul and it manifests according to the light , distance and angle of vision.
You can observe it as a whole or part , as on its pictoric aspect as on its texture. You may realize its colours , geometric shapes , scratches , directing , intensity and drawings.
de e desenhos.
There is an integration between the work and the observer , as a truly interaction of feeling , reaction , heart and mind.

Betto Damasceno


From dec 10 until jan 16 2016.

Visitation : tuesday to saturday , from 9 am to 5 pm.
Local : Biblioteca de Arte Ilva Aceto Maranesi
Rua Kara , 105 , Jardim do Mar. Telf .: 41215-2379



Oscar D’Ambrosio

Holds a doctoral degree in Education, Art and History of Culture from Mackenzie University and a master´s degree in Visual Arts from Unesp Art Institute

Art emerges from two complementary forces. On one side, there´s the distance between what the so called real world offers us and what each one of us would like to see. On the other, the difference between what the artist effectively creates and what he would like to accomplish. From that restlessness emanate all sorts of visual manifestations.

Betto Damasceno presents works that can be read in many ways. The first one is in the intuition at the moment of creation. There´s a language that springs from his desire to manifest before the world through its colors and peculiar shapes which make up his poetry.

But there´s also a way to organize that creative impulse through various theme series that point to the way he establishes the internal relations between his creations. Thus, a constant making rises driven by expressiveness. The links between the elements present at each work form a private world.

Betto Damasceno´s works arise full of sayings like a book open to the universe, which he interprets in a singular way. His making is that of whom brings to each new look a thinking about what we are and where we go as individual fragments in a group called mankind that can find in art the beginning of a salvation.

João Delijaicov

Curator at Pinacoteca de São Bernardo do Campo

Feb 20 2015

Betto's willpower is contagious.
His output is large and what it has attracted my notice is his self criticism. "As soon as he considers a stage is overcome" , he repaints his pictures and present "a new production" , which I have the privilege to see and I think it is great. May new and new stages come so that the public get the feel. The tireless Betto Damasceno does not stop painting and research in his workshop , during the "chatting " or showing some works , which mark more and I confirmed. I witnessed a conclusive , ready , finished and well contemporaneous. Incidentally , Betto , "contemporaneous in his thinking and reading , seems to run against the time , to paint what he should have started much sooner , I think , and not 6 years ago.

Jefferson Santos

Biblioteca de Arte Ilva Aceto Maranesi (Art Library)

"Betto Damasceno's work , in summary , it is the art of overcoming and sublimating of the hardships of the soul. The blending of colours , style and free brush strokes , but convinced of shapes he wants , express the restlessness of a authentic human being , and brings us the sensation of being hit by gentle breeze"!!!.

Fernando Castioni

Plastic Artist

Have gone to Betto Damasceno's "Look" exhibition , brought me a plesant surprise. As much as with dimensions , as by his
own employed style on his painting. The colours and shapes in perfect harmony , like the
background and the figure. Employing colours in a very peculiar way.
Artista Plástico